The Bridges of the North Dock

There are some incredible sights in the North Docks, one of them being the bridges. We have paid a visit to some of these iconic structures to discover their history and share what makes them so great.

A 5-minute walk from Coopers Cross, the Sheriff Street Lifting Bridge is a local icon of the urban landscape.

A monument to emerging technologies, the Sheriff Street Lifting Bridge not only symbolises an element of Dublin’s civil engineering heritage, but also celebrates the pioneering structure which came before it. This bridge pays tribute to the first mechanical crossing over Spencer Dock as it utilises reclaimed detailed cut-limestone panels from the earlier Spencer Swivel Bridge (1873).


Our second visit to the bridges of the North Docks transports us to the iconic Samuel Beckett Bridge. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, it was intended to resemble a harp on its side. This asymmetrical, cable-stayed structure blends seamlessly with the historic Docklands surroundings and is an everyday example of a feat in design and engineering.

Like the Samuel Beckett Bridge, Coopers Cross was founded on innovative design and engineering, presenting a new way of working through next-generation workspaces that cultivate an environment of increased efficiency, collaboration, and performance.


Our final stop on our tour of the bridges of the North Docks offers a glimpse into the tentative step made to facilitate the needs of a growing city. The Tom Clarke Bridge opened in 1984. The epitome of functionality, it dutifully grants maritime access to the river and the city beyond.


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